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MyDubli Music Player

The MyDubli music player try it on me...

In this post I intend to present you with all the latest news articles that relate to Dubli.

All the articles are supporting the Dubli model as we are today and where we will be heading in the future.

Here is the article that Dean mannheimer found regarding the streaming of music and how it’s popularity is challanging the downloading of music.

If you google streaming music you will see that google are planning to offer it, iTunes and planning on starting it, sony also releasing it…..Dubli has already DONE IT!!!

We have access to 18 million songs  for a rediculous $9.95 thats VALUE!!

This is me

Do I look confortable??

Well Dubli Day Melbourne was a blast…Special guest Dean Mannheimer came along to share with us the new benefits of the My Dubli Widget. As well as infomr us of all the new developments coming in the 1st and 2nd quarter of 2011.

Along with customer projections which saw all us already involved in Dubli excited indeed. Dubli are working hard and fast to achieve their goal of being the biggest and best shopping portal in the world.

The shopping Mall launch has got us all sitting on the edge of our seats, the anticipation is killing us.

Built with intelligent search driven software the shopping experience will be second to none. Dubli have spared no expense to ensure their dreams come true.

One thing I can say with honesty I am glad I saw the dubli business when I did, I am also very glad that I got involved straight away.